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No-one ever regrets a good walk. It is healthy for your mind and body. And if you can take a walk in nature it is even better for you. Studies such as this one have shown that spending time in nature helps to boost mental and physical health. Not only does it bring you closer to nature, it frees your mind helping to reduce mental health issues, it improves athletic performance and it helps boost the immune system. And best of all, it’s free.

During lockdown, so many people reaped the benefits of escaping outside for a good walk in nature. It was the ultimate freedom from confinement that had never before been appreciated so much by so many. Now more and more of us are enjoying a daily stroll to boost our mood and to keep ourselves active. And with that comes an appreciation of our natural environment and our need to care for it.

So once again, looking after our health comes hand in hand with our caring for the natural environment.

We’d love to know where you walk to get away from it all. Where are your wild walks?