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About Lilly


Lilly Milligan Gilbert

Lilly Milligan Gilbert

Lilly Milligan Gilbert is a sustainability professional and impact investor with over 15 years of experience in the private sector and for NGOs across Europe and Asia.

She advises on carbon, waste and sourcing strategy, helping companies develop their sustainability agenda, embed it in operations and communicate it to customers.

Lilly is the founder of the Circular Community Singapore and Circular Community UK and has an extensive network to help identify strategic green collaborations or climate-tech solutions. She invests in early-stage climate-tech companies and participates in sustainability talks and panel discussions. 

In 2012, Lilly founded the sustainable lifestyle brand, Tallis, which worked to support the circular economy through the production of sustainably sourced and zero-waste products. The Tallis brand also brought together like-minded communities and businesses in Singapore, Switzerland and beyond, through the ‘Tallis Tribe’ initiative. 


Her sustainability journey began two decades ago while working in marine conservation. As a divemaster, she is never far from the ocean. Originally from the UK, Lilly now lives in Singapore with her family.