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Do you ever wonder what to do with packaging and wrapping that you have around the house?

At this time of year, you may find yourself with lots of extra items of packaging at home. Leftovers from the gifts received or purchases made over the festive period. Rather than sending them to be recycled, how about seeing if you can re-use them? Of course, recycling is better than sending anything to landfill but re-using is an even better option that uses much less energy.

So why not grab a jar and fill it full of ribbons to be re-used when the time comes.  Pop it in your wrapping draw with your recycled wrapping paper. Next time you wrap presents but want to do so in a sustainable way, use some kraft paper or even newspaper and give it a little bit of colour with some re-used ribbon.

Our beautiful Tallis boxes can double-up as storage containers for everything from wardrobe accessories, toys and even kitchen herbs.

Or better still, use them for a gift for somebody else.