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Chunky Cashmere Hoody - Navy

  • Probably the most comfortable jumper you'll ever own: a soft blend of cashmere and merino which is gentle enough to wear skin to skin. This is a casual cut hoody which ups the style stakes, in it you'll look dressed down but with something luxe in about your look.
    Made in a substantial yet lightweight knit this hoody is guaranteed to keep the wind out, unlike cotton hoodies or thinner knits. The magic? It doesn't feel heavy. And with a generous hood, it comfortably keeps out the rain and wind without slipping off or cramping your hair. A regulating blend of cashmere and wool keeps you warm without ever overheating.

  • This is a ForeverTallis jumper... once you own it, you never have to say goodbye. One day, when it outgrows you, gets shrunk or irrevocably ruined, you just return it to us and we will turn it onto a hat for you, for free. See for more info.
    Knit: 10% cashmere, 90% merino wool, made in Italy.

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