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Something's Changed and It's not all Bad

May 04, 2020

Something's Changed and It's not all Bad

Being confined to our homes has forced us all to slow down and deal with what is around us. It’s all we have been able to do. Many of us have taken the time to sort out our kitchen cupboards, often discovering long-forgotten ingredients. Who knew how exciting a bag of dried mung beans could become with the addition of spinach and spices?!

It’s also given us time to look at our wardrobes, giving them a clean and a good sort out. We no longer have the excuse of not having enough time to mend or upcycle items that we may have neglected for so many years. (If you need help with this, be sure to check out our new Eco Wardrobe Guide).

And out of all of this, we have changed. The post-coronavirus consumer is a very different person. We have seen what we can create and grow for ourselves. We have also seen that we don’t have to go a million miles to find what we need. There is a lot we can find right on our doorstep. So many local small businesses have risen to the challenge of the lockdown and they have started offering delivery services. Long may this last!!

So, let's leave our cars (and their carbon emissions) to gather dust while we enjoy more time in the house and garden, enjoying the simple pleasures that life brings.

We’ve all enjoyed the clearer skies, the cleaner air and the peaceful streets. We can keep it this way if we stick to what we have learnt.

Travel less, make do with what we have, mend what we can and shop local. Surely it all makes for a much more simple and peaceful life for all of us?

#keepitplease #forevertallis

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